How to Install bencher CLI


Bencher provides a convenient deb file for installing on Debian and Debian based distributions like Ubuntu.

sudo dpkg -i bencher_0.3.18_amd64.deb

GitHub Actions

Install the Bencher CLI using the GitHub Action. See how to use GitHub Actions for more details.

- uses: bencherdev/bencher@main

There is an optional version argument to specify an exact version of the Bencher CLI to use. Otherwise, it will default to using the latest CLI version.

- uses: bencherdev/bencher@main

Specify an exact version if using Bencher Self-Hosted. Do not specify an exact version if using Bencher Cloud as there are still occasional breaking changes.

From Source

For all other environments, the suggested install method is from source.

cargo install --git --tag v0.3.18 --locked bencher_cli

Other Linux Distributions

A standalone Linux CLI binary is also available for download if you know what you are doing.


🐰 Congrats! You have installed bencher CLI! 🎉

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