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Bencher Bare Metal

Bencher Bare Metal delivers bare metal continuous benchmarking servers as a service (CBaaS). These servers are tuned by performance experts to eliminate noise and get wall-clock time variance to less than 1%! Take your performance engineering to the next level and start catching even subtler performance regressions in CI.

Starting at $100/month

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What is a Public Project?

A Public Project is visible to anyone who has access to your Bencher instance.

On Bencher Cloud, all Public Projects are available here . If you are using Bencher Self-Hosted, then anyone with access to your network will likewise be able to see all Public Projects.

What is a Private Project?

A Private Project is only visible to members of your organization.

In order to create and use Private Projects, your organization must have an active Bencher Plus plan.

What is a Metric?

A Metric is a single, point-in-time benchmark result.

For example, if you have five benchmarks then they would create five Metrics each time they run. If you ran your benchmarks ten times, you would then have fifty Metrics. (ex: 5 benchmarks x 10 runs = 50 Metrics)

How are Metrics billed?

On Bencher Cloud Metrics are billed either:

  • Monthly based on metered usage
  • Annually based on a licensed quantity

For example, if you create 5,280 Metrics in a particular calendar month with metered usage then you would be billed for 5,280 Metrics that month.

Bencher Self-Hosted Metrics are always billed annually based on a licensed quantity.

For example, if you create 5,280 Metrics within a given year, then you would need to have a licensed quantity of say 6,000 Metrics.

Are Metrics for Public Projects counted?

Yes, if you have a valid Bencher Plus plan then Metrics from both your Public Projects and Private Projects are counted.

What happens if I reach my licensed quantity limit?

Once you reach your licensed quantity limit, no new Metrics will be accepted.

No need to panic, you can always increase your licensed quantity. It is best to give yourself an extra margin when setting your licensed quantity though.

How does the Bencher License work for Bencher Self-Hosted?

The Bencher License is heavily inspired by the GitLab License. You can use Bencher Self-Hosted in development, testing, and production without a Bencher Plus license. This is equivalent to using Bencher Cloud on the Free plan. If you would like access to any of the Bencher Plus features (Team or Enterprise), then you will need to purchase a Bencher Plus license.


Bencher is a for profit company that balances the need to improve the open source code of Bencher with the need to add source-available features in order to generate income. We have an open core business model and generate almost all our revenue with subscriptions to paid tiers. We recognize that we must balance the need to generate income with the needs of the open source project.


  • When a feature is open source we won't move that feature to a paid tier. Features might be removed from the open source codebase in other cases, for example when combining features from multiple tiers into one new feature. To be clear, this promise only applies to open sourced features, features in paid tiers might move to a higher tier.
  • We won't introduce features into the open source codebase with a fixed delay, if a feature is planned to land in both it will be released simultaneously in both.
  • We will always release and open source all tests that we have for an open source feature.
  • The open source codebase will have all the essential features for tracking the performance of a large open source project.
  • The open source codebase will not contain any artificial limits (projects, users, metrics, etc.).
  • We will always allow you to benchmark the performance of Bencher.

Software as a Service

Our stewardship promise applies only to the Bencher open source codebase, not to services such as Bencher Cloud. For Bencher Cloud, we may add limits around usage (e.g., storage, compute, traffic) or proxies for usage (e.g., number of users in a project) as we seek to optimize costs and revenues.